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Post  1ATRCOOPER on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:19 pm

Below are the Rules for Liberal Nutjobs. These rules are ONLY to be used by liberals who are idiots. Liberals who are intelligent and sensible are NOT to use these rules. Use of them by sensible liberals constitutes moving to the far left nutjob category.

Here are rules for liberals to live by:

1. Accept nothing negative about obama, regardless of truth.

2. Suppor More..t anything positive about obama, even if it is completely false.

3. Get your news and information ONLY from Keith Olberman, MSNBC and Jon "Liebowitz", aka Jon Stewart.

4. Whenever presented facts about obama, counter immediately with your own comments about the Jewish guy, Yabbut Bush.

5. Under NO circumstances debate obamas actual policies, decisions and comments. You can NOT win. Change the subject as quickly as you can. See #4.

6. Pretend that Tony Rezko, Rev Wright, Bill Ayres only exist in republicans' imagination and are not actually real people.

7. NEVER question anything that comes from the golden lips of obama or his minions.

8. Question EVERYTHING a republican says and NEVER bother youself with checking the factuality of such comments.

9. Change the normal name for everything to make it fit the liberal agenda. Example: earmarks are now called "projects" and terrorism is now called "man caused disasters"

10. When any conservative says or does anything, find any parallels to any other thing any other conservative has said or done and find any way to tie them together. Use complete idiocy if necessary. Also, when any conservative says anything at all, accuse ALL conservatives of focusing entirely on that one point.

11. When any liberal says or does anything, it is to be treated as completely separate incidents. In NO way are you to connect any action or words to any previous action or words, even if it is the same liberal saying or doing it.

12. If all else fails, loudly call names such as neocon, scum and fucktard to divert attention away from the actual issue.

MOST IMPORTANT! The truth is not on the liberal agenda. Dodge the truth in any way that you can. The liberal agenda is SOLEY interested in being obama yes men.

This should make it easier for all you liberals.

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Re: LAMO@Libs.....................

Post  -(1ATR)-soldier_d00d on Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:28 pm

1ATRCOOPER wrote:Liberals who are intelligent and sensible

Aren't those terms mutually exclusive? study Wink


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