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Battlefield Hero's

Post  -(1ATR)-ab4hl6 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:47 pm

A lot may have noticed the British target logo be side Battlefield Hero's on xfire.
Just as an explanation I am a beta tester of the new online MP game by Ea and DICE.
It is a 2D cartoon first person shooter WW2 game. It is by the programmers of Battlefield but in no way is related.
Plays out of Browser
It is Free
Easy to learn and play
you can completely customize your look.
foot jeep tank and aircraft all are easy to use and you can use them (also anti aircraft)
you can be British or German

is a re spawn game
only three defined characters each side
lets just say if you pay cash you can get added features
by most peoples definition added features are cheats (burning bullets)
the balancing of teams which because of the added features does not really work (have played on servers where more than half of players have optimizations)
the network is flaky at times
you can not host a game and you can not pick the server you play on.
Only 4 maps in total.

It is a very playable game I do not mind playing it for half hour at a time.
you sometimes get the as 2k would call it steel shorts syndrome (or that guy just will not die)
as far as I have seen it does not have any shooting through walls glitches or I am stuck area's
I still do not know how the winner of a skirmish is decided (lol and most players do not know) some times the side you think should loose wins and vice versa.
It really is a different type of game, easy to play and sometimes really funny, has limited tactical planning, but there is room for some tactics.
It is very much a game you like or hate with a few do not mind in there. If you like CS or real run and shoot games this is a very good game.
If you do not stay away.
I do not know if when it is released there will be a map editing tool (have heard nothing to say yes ).
Will give you more as the game grows up.

My take for me is I would go out of my way to play it but it is not bad. Reality is I like AAO 2.8.4 and think the AAO 3.0 has more promise. I will meet my Beta Tester requirements and see if they listen to my suggestions.

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