Windows 7 RC1 is now supported by PB

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Windows 7 RC1 is now supported by PB

Post  -(1ATR)-ab4hl6 on Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:30 am

I think most of you know I have been beta testing Win 7 for a while now, (actually since alpha). Well pb now runs with Win7 so I am playing AAO on Windows 7 and it works great.
You do have to use Americas Army Deploy Client 2, but it is not that painful I got dl speeds of 400kb/second. You do not have to sue AADC to launch the game but I did save the install path to the old default path (it looks to me they are setting up a new directory that will then allow you to install AAO 3 in it as well).
As a little background I have now converted day to day Windows operations to Windows 7, my install of Vista 64 was running fine until I install Vista sp2 the first 500 gig drive ended up with file system errors that hd tools including seatools read as hard errors, so I put in another 500gig Seagate I had laying around installed Vista 64 all was working fine, I then again did the sp2 install. This time when it crashed it physically took out the drive it is not even recognized by the bios let alone the recovery disks I have (this drive going back to Seagate without any problems). I got a call after submitting the return form and was talking to a Seagate tech. It seems Windows SP2 was causing the problems and it is not just isolated to Seagate or just a few. Because of this little problem and the fact I have been using Win 7 for all my productivity stuff Corel, Adobe CS4, NNet objects Fusion as well as Simply Accounting, and all was fine I decided on the switch. At first I put an 80 gig WindowsXP partition to play AAO . Then I decided to try AAO on Win 7, I had heard rumor of PB being fixed. Hoah it was so know I am completely switched to Win7.I am using Direct X 10 under Win7 and hey there is no speed problems ( under Vista I was forced to use Direct X 9c for best results in newer 3D games like Fare Cry 2. All is presently working fine and I am now trying Windows XP Virtual from Windows. I will get back to you on what this is like.
So far I think Windows is faster and more responsive thatn Vista and XP for me it has jsut the right balance.

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